• How can I install the app?

    You need to have a store on Shopify and using install button from https://apps.shopify.com/multi-vendor-marketplace you will get redirected to your shop. From there you can choose and pay for the appropriate plan. That’s all you are ready to use the app.


  • How can I set the commission?

    While configuring the app, you need to set the global commission applicable for every vendor. You can change the commission later at any point of time.

    Admin can even add the commission for individual seller or on products later.

    To add or view the commission, please follow - Backend Dashboard > Commission Settings > Add

  • Will the vendor get any unique URL for the individual shop?

    Yes, the seller will get a unique url that can be used by the seller for promoting seller's shop

    After installation, vendor will write the email, then will set the global commission and then get the public url for the shop.

  • Do I need to approve each vendor request, every time a new vendor request arrives?

    If you want that the vendor (seller) request to be auto-approved, then you need to change the configuration settings from the backend dashboard > configuration. From here you can set whether you want it to be auto approved or not.

  • How can I view the total earnings of the seller and the commission from seller?

    From the merchant's dashboard you can easily view the total earnings and the total commission also.

  • Can the merchant set individual commission for the vendors added to the store?

    Yes, the merchant can add individual commission for the vendors from the dashboard under commission setting.

  • How can I add digital (downloadable) product to the store?

    You need to select the product type from the backend and in configuration you can set whether you want to add standard product or virtual product. You need to specify the shop type also, whether normal, digital or both (this will show both the normal and digital products on the shop).

    NOTE : There is a limit on the file size of digital products added, if you exceed the file size then you need to upgrade the plan

  • Can I add more than one seller at a time?

    Yes, you can easily add many sellers simultaneously through the CSV file upload.

    To add, please follow : Dashboard > Sellers > Add Seller by CSV file

  • How can I add multiple products at a time?

    You can add many products through "Add CSV Product" button on the backend.

    To add, please follow : Dashboard > Product > Add CSV Product

  • How can I know the commission price on each product?

    Merchant can easily know the commission on unit product through the commission tab from the backend dashboard. 

  • Can I add variants for the products?

    Yes, you can add variants to the product from the add product page.

  • I wish to configure the default email template?

    Admin (merchant) can configure all the mails to be sent through mail configuration from backend

  • Is there any way, I can change the shop logo?

    Yes, you can add or update the shop logo from the configuration menu in backend.

  • I'm not liking the background color. How can I get it changed?

    Admin (merchant) can not only change the background color but can also change the background color, image icon etc. from the backend. 

    NOTE : This menu is visible to the merchants who have opted for the silver and above plan from the 4 plans that we provide.

  • Is there any restriction on the number of products added by the vendors?

    No, the vendor can add unlimited number of products. 

  • Will the vendors be able to add more than one product at a time?

    Yes, the vendor can easily add many products from the CSV upload button. But it depends on the configuration as set by the merchant. The "add CSV product" button will only be visible to the vendor, if the merchant has allowed it from backend.

  • How can the vendor keep a track of the payment to be received from the merchant?

    Vendor can view the details of the payment from the "payment receive" tab under the marketplace account.

  • Can the merchant transfer vendors share from the order directly to the vendor account?

    All the calculation is managed by the app ie. the total amount transferred to the vendor and the amount pending. The vendor can also provide the payment details through which the vendor wish to receive the payment but the amount is transferred from the merchants end.

  • Can the vendors added to the store add variant for the product?

    Yes, the vendors can add variants for the products from the add product page.

  • I have few existing vendors and products. How can I get them added to my store?

    You can easily add the existing sellers to the current marketplace. Under dashboard, from configuration you need to change the "import existing product" option to "yes". Then a new menu will be added to the dashboard, ie. "assign existing product", from here you need to choose the seller and the product. This way you can add the existing vendors and assign the product to the vendor. You can now set the commission on the product accordingly.

  • Is it possible to show both digital and standard product on the shop?

    Yes, you can show both digital and the standard product on the shop. You just need to set the set the shop type to "both" from the backend configuration.